About Us

Founded in 2004, Jiangsu Hihio-Art Packaging Co., Ltd is a leading food contact paper product and packaging producer in Asia. The company boasts world-class production facilities and is able to manufacture satchel paper bags, block bottom paper bags, saucer paper, baking paper, wrapping paper, snack boxes, boxes for taking-out food, sandwich boxes, cake boxes, pastry boxes along with cake trays, disposable plates and trays. Our products are widely used in industries including bakeries and patisseries, fast food, cafes, hotels and airline catering, and are now expanding into new industry sectors including malls and supermarkets, e-commerce retailing as well as agri-produce and specialized food packaging.

Our Vision

? To create an environment conducive to employee and business development;
? To bring together a team of passionate, dedicated, innovative and altruistic professionals;
? To establish a unique competitive edge with quality service;
? To listen to customer demands and become reliable business

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